Hello! 😃

My name is Sharon,  and I love writing  and this is my official writing website where all my work will be showcased.

Okay, a little about me now, I have been writing for as long as I can remember….I started, when I could basically hold a pen! I loved writing and I loved writing stories. I also loved reading and my favourite reading material was Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five which, when my Mum brought it home from town for me, I would devour it within the hour.

The Famous Five

As I read the book I would be be transported into the book and their adventures and become a part of them. After a while and after studying the book closely, I realised I wanted to try and do something just like it and so my writing passion began. It was wonderful to retreat into an imaginary world to escape the realities of life when it became stressful as well as doing it at other times for the love of it.

My main ambition is to complete my first book, which I’ve been writing since 2004 and hoping to bring to fruition soon.

Over the years, spurred on by my late Mum, I joined a writing course to hone my craft further and to hopefully make my dream come true

I was really proud and happy therefore when I achieved my dream and received my writing certificate (below) from the writing course. My regret there is I just wish my Mum had lived to see it, and see how far I’ve come in my writing career and see my name printed on the various letters I have had printed which also gave me the added bonus of a little payment. The excitement and buzz I get when I see my name in print after a letter I’ve written never goes away and I feel such a sense of pride and achievement.

My letters have been published in:

The Sun

Inside Soap

Whats on TV

TV Times  

and I have had an article published in:

The Guardian Magazine 

And I have had an unpaid article published on:

Neighbours fan page which you can find Here



Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy what you see.



4 thoughts on “Hello!

      1. Oh right ok, who was your tutor then? Good to hear you learnt so much through them 😃

        So how come you didn’t complete the course? What other ways did you chose to take? Often think of finishing myself but want to try and complete it otherwise I will feel like I’ve failed it even though I’ve recieved my certificate and to be fair I don’t think I’ve got that far to go now 😃.

        Ps just finishing Twitter message also 😉 Haven’t forgot! X


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