Its Official! I’m a Writer!😃My Writing Certificate

                   By Sharon Harvey

I was very happy, proud and pleased to receive my writing cerificate, confirming I was now a published writer.

Ok, currently its only for fillers (published letters etc) but the rules state on the course I am currently on studying that as soon as I earn back the fees of what I paid for enrolling on the course I immediately qualified for the certificate which I noted I had done – and actually gone well past.

I am dedicating the certificate to my late Mum who saw I had a gift of writing, encouraged me to explore it further and encouraged me to find a course that would hone my skills and maybe teach me further, when others just laughed at me and took the ‘mickey’ out of my stories – and yes that included family.

So this is for you Mum for having faith in me as a writer and what a poignant day to receive it – the day you collapsed before you died in the week that followed.

A reason finally to smile.



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