My Writing Diary

Welcome to my Writing Diary. I started it today on a Tuesday, well, to be honest the only excuse I have is because today is Valentines Day, the day for love, and as cheesy as it sounds, writing is a love of mine! Also, because I remembered the other day I recalled we had double writing on a Tuesday at Middle school and so I was totally in my elements! Anyway, that’s my reasons for starting it today.

Now, my writing diary is basically what it is says on the tin, my writing diary. I am hoping to update with what I have done in my writing achievements and where I am at with things, with my writing and also my writing course which I am hoping to also complete this year now I have finally got myself a new tutor that I think – no, know, will help me even better and help my finally realise my dream of publishing my first book.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my new writing diary.

Sharon xx


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