My Guest Book Review

By Sharon Harvey | Posted 20th May 2019

I had the honour of being a guest reviewer for the very first time recently (Another first for me!) I had noticed on a writing website a fellow writing blogger Lisa Street Rogers was inviting writers to write a book review, and who better than myself to do so 😃I’m always writing reviews being on books or TV shows etc so I thought ‘this competition is for me’ and so I got in touch with Lisa and was invited to send in my review. Realising I had only around 1 day to get it submitted I did just that to find my emails were getting returned to my horror! After corresponding with Lisa we managed to work it out and finally I got my submission in.

You can find my piece Here

You can also see my piece advertised on writing in the fast lane’s Facebook page here

Thanks always for reading and do give feedback 😃

2 thoughts on “My Guest Book Review

  1. Sharon, thanks so much for posting your review on my site, backlinking, and letting your own followers know as well. We are all learning and growing and along the way are there to help one another. Bonus, I”m glad we were able to get everything worked regarding your email issue. Looking forward to your next review!


    1. Hi Lisa,
      Many thanks for accepting my review! It was a first for me so was very happy to have been accepted! Wont be the last though, and already sorting my next one out for you, fingers crossed the email system works this time! LOL

      Yo are more than welcome, I totally agree, we are all learning, me especially on how things are working, I am really new to all of this so learning as I go! And as you say, we can help each other as we go along which is always so nice and helpful.

      And yes, as I said above, fingers crossed the email system works this time…🤞🏻🙏🏻

      Sharon. X

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