Dead Simple by Peter James – My Review

By Sharon Harvey.


Dead Simple Cover
Dead Simple Cover

I had actually picked up this book previously and put it back down again. Much later I picked it up again and decided to properly read it this time. 

I started to really enjoy it, picking it out the various suspects I thought was guilty, till I was proven wrong, and then was shocked when certain characters were killed off.  I did feel the book was mediocre in places but it kept me turning the pages and that’s the main thing. 

The writing is very good as is its description of scenes and characters.

However, I felt it was rather anti climatic at the end and to be honest a little bit of a let down. I think it perhaps would’ve been a little better to actually have done another chapter and finish it off properly, find out what the main character felt and did after finding out that his friends were dead as was his cheating fiancé etc and give a conclusion to what he did next.

From the very beginning this booked deserved a 5*rating but it’s sudden ending denied it of that I felt therefore I gave it only 3*.

Have a read, make up your own mind, your conclusion may differ from mine.