Emmerdale’s Joe Tate and Graham Foster

By Sharon Harvey | Posted 2nd March 2018

For months there were much speculation about the real identity of Emmerdale’s Tom Waterhouse. I was lucky enough to work out early on he was actually Joseph Tate son of the late Chris Tate. A few little clues along the way caused me to come to this conclusion and then after a slight bit of research on google confirmed my suspicions with Emmerdale finally revealing it.

Joe and Graham

But never mind Tom which was exciting in itself but who actually is his suave, handsome and sexy side kick Graham Foster who could quite easily be the next James Bond ? So far he’s been Tom’s chauffeur and close ally but recently we have seen him disagreeing with a lot of what Joe is doing especially using Debbie Dingle to get to Charity.

Suave..The name is Foster…Graham Foster..The next James Bond?

The mystery surrounding him heightened when in a recent episode Graham took on the bulldozer men and beat both to then rescue Samson and Noah from the bulldozed Dingle house then handing all credit to Eric Pollard!

What an hero!

And of course coming to the rescue of Ross when he had acid thrown in his face – he knew exactly what to do and dosed Ross with water to help with the burns cause by the acid attack which could have been a lot worse had he not intervened. Can this man be any more perfect?

Hero again! Helping Ross after the acid attack

I for one am loving this guy, actor Andrew Scarborough a wonderful addition to the soap and of course easy on the eye!

There are still many questions to be answered of course, like what happened to Zoe, where is she now and why did Joe end up leaving her, why hasn’t anyone mentioned Zoe to Joe, like Charity who was her sister in law and one time lover, and of course Paddy who was her close friend and business partner and of course the burning question is ‘how did he and GRAHAM cross paths…?

Hopefully these questions will be answered sooner rather than later

As always, thanks for reading.

Sharon xx